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Hello and Welcome
07/08/17 23:15


Hello and Welcome

Thank you for signing up to our small forum.

The original idea and primary intended use of the forum is for members of the Fernley Observatory Heritage Group, as well as the Southport Astronomical Society, to discuss plans relating to the future public use of the observatory, operational procedures as well as other related issues.

However we encourage anyone who has any interested in the observatory, astronomy and science to join in with the discussions found on the forum.

All we ask is that participants follow the RULES! and note the following limitations;

To keep maintenance and resources under control the following limits should be observed relating to binary file uploads when attaching files to posts.

Maximum File Size per Upload: 150 Kilobytes
Allowed File Types: PDF, JPG

This means that large images must be resized to comply with the above. Word and other documents must be converted to PDF - the following resources should be of assistance in this process.

JPEG Optimizer

PDF Convertor

Notes: a JPG image of 500 x 375 pixels will be approximately 150 Kilobytes

Of course you may use links to pictures hosted elsewhere on the web (actually our preferred method) by surrounding the link with the [img] tags.

If you have any other questions about the use of the forum, or run into any technical difficulty, please send a message to the admin by clicking HERE! or post in this thread if you think others will benefit from the answer.

Edited 13/08/17 12:35

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