Fernley Observatory Heritage Group – Public Events 2019

Trip to Liverpool Planetarium
Saturday, 2nd March 11:00 – 15:30

Title: From Earth to the universe @1:30 pm
Description: Uncover the theories of ancient astronomers and learn all about today’s grandest telescopes

Venue Enquiries: 0151 478 4393

Tickets £3 must be purchased 15 minutes prior to show

Train from Southport 11:45 am (you must be at Southport station no later than 11:35 am)
Arrive Liverpool 12:30
Walk to Museum go to top floor cafe 12:45 have coffee / snack
Buy tickets for show which starts 1:30 pm

Contact: Graham 07970 040237 or email

Southport Astronomical Society – Observatory Public Open Days 2019

Sunday March 17th 2019
Sunday April 21st 2019
Sunday May 26th 2019
Saturday June 22nd 2019
Saturday July 20th 2019
Sunday August 25th 2019
Sunday September 22nd 2019
Sunday October 27th 2019
Sunday November 10th 2019
Sunday December 1st 2019
Sunday December 22nd 2019

The observatory opens at 10.30 am and closes at 17.00 (16.00 Oct to Dec)

Please be aware that occasionally changes may be necessary due to weather, illness, park management requirements, etc

Southport Astronomical Society – Public Observation Evenings 2019

There are no fixed dates for public observation evenings as these are organised on an Ad-Hoc basis relating to suitable weather conditions.

Southport Astronomical Society – Members Observation Evenings 2019

Thursday 27th June 19:30om to 21:30pm
Thursday 25th July 19:30pm to 21:30pm
Thursday 22nd August1 9:30pm to21:30pm

(Observing if clear)

For further information please contact

or see Southport Astronomical Society’s website for contact details