We need YOU to VOTE!

needsuOur sister Group, the Southport Astronomical Society, has successfully been shortlisted for a £500 grant from the Skipton Building Society, but we need you to help secure the Grant simply by voting for it on a Skipton webpage.

As many people can only guess at the building’s purpose at the moment, the Grant will be used to put up a large permanent notice outside to inform everyone about its purpose and history.

The notice will also commemorate the Observatory’s “Founding Fathers”, enticing people to learn about the Victorian magic that lies within!

To read all about the Project, please go to:


Don’t forget to VOTE at the bottom of the page!

One thought on “We need YOU to VOTE!

  1. Absolutely Wonderful! Enjoyed the recent open day at Hesketh Park very much. Accepted the invitation to go up into the obsevatory- glad that I did, learned about the origins of the place, the history, restoration struggle from Ray. I dearly hope it can be restored fully!, like mentioned on the day how incredible for school kids to come here and explore the subject while learning.

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